So you thought you had finished the hunt?

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Well I know quite a few hunters have been through the hunt, and I have overheard a few saying how much they loved it, although that was before they got to the end and had time to find out how truely evil I am >:)

So in what ways am I evil? Let me count the ways....
* The shops in the hunt can change, but the main thing is new ones are still added as it moves along, and they are not just tacked on at the end, they get slotted in where ever I feel like it.
* Some hunt objects were a litlle lack lustre in a couple of places, so well, ummm, they were changed.
* The naming of the objects is not that predictable, so a lot of those hunt huds (shame on you people for using such things, why bother going on a hunt if you are not actually going to hunt? where is the challenge in that?) won't be able to find them.
* Stray from the path you start on, and you can well find yourself lost and going in circles, not knowing where you have finished. There is many cross-over points in this hunt so maybe you should put down a path of breadcrumbs (of course birds and rats like bread...) >:)
* The shops are listed, but have no numbers, and the hints are listed but don't say what shops...

Did I mention I was a little bit evil?

So if you want to be sure that you got to all the shops, pick a path and try not to stray, if you have done the hunt early, you may well want to breeze through it again at the end to look for any new places. But most important thing, have fun, I tend to work outside the box, hope you enjoy that too.

What treasures can be found

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3 in one, rug, picnic basket, and the place to relax to use them.
A reflection of the cloudy sky, four lights settings, and can be used as a lamp or a chandelier.
Lunch box?

Tiger print for Tiger Hill, but of course.
Remember the days when you were a kid?
Just because they look cold, doesn't mean the person doesn't have a warm heart.
Adding a little life to any garden.
Share a moment with a friend.
It's like something from Alice in Wonderland.
Out by the door, or lining a path, maybe even turn it into a window box.
A little winter lake to grab some friends and go out and skate upon.
Row apon row of colourful flowers.
Love is a many splendid thing.
Your own little corner of the world.
Great item to use for all those little knick knacks, use at home or even in your own shop.
Great umbrella for the backyard, courtyard or the beach. No messy center pole, covers a large area and adds atmosphere.
Out in the garden or within the home, who doesn't want a bit of c


Is it any good?

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Well the first day was a little bumpy with a couple of broken links, but the hunters didn't seem too worried since they could jump around the trouble spots anyway.
Good thing: it's fun to jump around where the wim and the links take you.
Bad thing: it you wander off the path you can get a little lost and not know if you have been everywhere.
Maybe you need to lay down a trail of breadcrumbs ;)

So already you can see this hunt is once again a little different... ok, a lot different. But wait, there's more....
As with my last hunt, I invited some of the shops I came across in my travels, to be part of the hunt as I enjoyed their places for all sorts of reasons, and I thought others would too. Why is that so special? Well many are shops that have never been in hunts before so they can be a real treasure trove of new things. Another plus is that they are people that have responded well to the contacts I have made, and that usually shows a great generousity of spirit, in short, they are good people with good stuff.

Like the Diversity hunt last year, the shops in the hunt can change a bit from start to end, so even though you worked your way through the hunt in the first couple of days, you may want to have anouther look around the end, as it will be different. I say will be, as it already has changed from the first day. The broken links were fixed, some of the stores that appeared to not want to be in the hunt, finally got themselves organised, and then there is the couple of places that just joined from out of the blue.

One final thing, this time I invited galleries and artists to be a part of this hunt as these places are often in quiet out of the way places, and they can't afford the rent of the high exposure locations. I am sure many have noticed that a lot of places have become empty in sl, and if shops can't make it, how do you think artist survive? So I am hoping some of you find things you like in your travels and when you do you support the place you like, by buying something or making a small donation.

Well what are you waiting for? get out there and hunt.

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Well the poster is out, once more showing the many paths you can take in a rainbow of colours.
The bird represents a bower bird, a collector of bright and colourful objects usually of a particular colour depending on which breed, Satin bower birds for example collect blue items.
The other little creature represents a pack rat, collector of all manner of items that it uses to expand it's nest.